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How Google Will Make Searching From Your Smartphone Much Easier

  Conducting a Google search from your smartphone or tablet is about to get easier. Google will soon make some big changes to the algorithm that determines the results you see when you conduct a Google search from a mobile device. Reporting…Read more

5 Google Chrome Tricks for Power Users

    If you’re using Chrome as your primary Web browser, then you probably know about a few of the shortcuts that you can use. The Digital Inspiration blog created a list of  Chrome tricks to boost your browsing experience, and here…Read more

New IBM App Sets Sights On Real-Time Comparison Shopping

  Step aside QR codes, a new comparison-shopping tool is on its way. IBM Research is working on an app that will marry real-time shopping in-store with comparison shopping online. The app will allow consumers to take images on their…Read more

8 Things the iPhone 5 Still Can’t Do

  In terms of specs, performance, and features, the iPhone 5 is Apple’s best to date. This doesn’t mean it’s as good as it could be, however. There were a few egregious omissions from the keynote presentation – features that…Read more

Why Apple Builds iPhones (And Everything Else) In China

When President Obama famously dined with a handful of Silicon Valley titans a year ago, he had a question for Apple chief Steve Jobs, say Charles Duhigg and Keith Bradsher in The New York Times: What would it take to…Read more