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Marissa Alexander Case Inspires Florida To Expand ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law

(ABC NEWS) – Thirty-three-year-old Marissa Alexander of Florida is “grateful” that she will likely not have to serve 20 years in prison after reportedly firing a warning shot at her allegedly abusive husband, whom she thought was about to attack…Read more

The Whitehouse Preps First Lady’s 50th Birthday Bash

The First Lady’s birthday is just three weeks away and the White House is busy planning her a big bash. According to reports, a dance party is in the works to celebrate Michelle Obama’s 50th year of life. January 17th…Read more

President Obama Turns 52 Today And Terrorist Threat

President Obama turns 52 today, and has plans to spend part of the day at the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland, but before he went he was briefed on the terrorist threat that will cause 21 U.S. embassies to…Read more

National Prayer Breakfast, Dr. Ben Carson Fires Back At Critics

In case you missed it, world-renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson presented the keynote address at the 61st Annual National Prayer Breakfast. With President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and other national leaders in attendance, Dr. Carson spoke plainly about…Read more

57th Presidential Inauguration In 13 Days: Will You Be There?

   Inauguration weekend kicks off with a national day of service and will include events from the President and Vice President’s official swearing-in ceremony to inaugural balls and parades. More details about official inauguration events will be announced very soon—stay…Read more

President Obama Holding Only 2 Inaugural Balls: Nation's Financial Strain

  With his nation under financial strain, President Barack Obama is restricting the inaugural balls to the lowest number in 60 years, with just two official parties plus a concert honoring military families. The subdued celebration revealed today is a big…Read more

Attention Georgia Residents: Early Voting Begins Today

Early voting begins in Georgia on Monday 10/15/12, and will continue for the next three weeks. Special polling places in all the state’s counties will allow voters to cast ballots until the Friday before Election Day. The state saw big…Read more