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11 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

You may not realize it, but while you’re bumming it on the couch catching up on your favorite shows, your body is working hard to help you burn calories. How is that even possible? Your sweet, sweet metabolism. The cool…Read more

The Best Foods For Runners

Most supermarkets stock more than 30,000 items, yet every time we race up and down the aisles of the grocery store, we toss into our carts the same 10 to 15 foods. Which isn’t such a bad thing, as long…Read more

5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Peanut Butter

Even though it’s higher in fat, the health benefits of peanut butter listed below should be enough to convince you to embrace it, and spread its deliciousness on breads, waffles, bagels, toast, crackers, apple slices, celery, carrots…and so many other…Read more

Feeling The Monday Drag? The Benefits Of Coffee May Surprise You

Health benefits…of coffee? That’s right! Coffee. Joe. Java. Whatever you call it, 54% of Americans drink it everyday. While experts warn people that there is definitely such a thing as drinking too much, they also agree that coffee may help improve…Read more

Addicted To Starbucks? 8 Alternatives To Boost Energy

Well it’s Monday Worldwin Fam the start of a new workweek and you’re asking yourself “how do I get energy???” Does your energy level come crashing down at 3pm? Do you feel drained, eyelids starting to droop as the afternoon wears…Read more

Top 6 Workout Recovery Foods

  Why Do I Feel Sore? Many people feel the soreness but aren’t sure where the pain comes from. The question that I get most often is, “How come I feel sore the day after, but not that same day?”…Read more