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5 Things That Will Cost More In 2015

    While everyone is rejoicing with the lower gas prices, which has do doubt benefited the economy. Drivers are enjoying the cost savings at the pump each week; many families are saving upwards of $400 monthly in lowered fuel…Read more

Money Monday: Three Tactics to Help You Fulfill Your Financial Goals

Solid, definable goals are the key to financial freedom. There’s no way around it. Perhaps that’s why Dr. Thomas Stanley, best-selling author of The Millionaire Next Door, emphasizes the importance of goals in achieving financial success. According to his extensive survey…Read more

Who Knew? Kidnapping Hero Charles Ramsey Lands A Book Deal

Charles Ramsey is moving on up. The man who helped reduce four kidnapping victims in Cleveland last May has signed a contract to publish his memoirs. According to reports, the famous hero landed a deal with Ohio publisher David Gray…Read more

‘FREE’ Shipping This Holiday Season

Free shipping is getting more expensive.  Amazon  last month hiked its minimum purchase price to qualify for free delivery from $25 — which it had been for a decade — to $35. Wal-Mart, meanwhile, hiked its threshold from $45 to $50….Read more

4 Secrets To Successful Budgeting

Making a budget is a marvelous first step, but far too often that’s where the fairytale ends for most people.  Let’s face it . . . Finding budgets on line is not much more than a simple Google search away. …Read more

The 10 Worst Things You Can Do To Your Car

Like the human body, ignoring even the smallest signs of trouble in your car’s performance can lead to trouble down the road.  And some missed signals cost more than others.  A new report by Corporation  details exactly which maintenance mistakes…Read more

8 Things That Are Cheaper In The Summer

  While sundresses, sandals and beach gear may be on your mind right now, you should be thinking about making some less-obvious buys when it’s warm out. That’s because the summer offers some of the best deals of the year…Read more