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Top 10 Workout Secrets From the Pros

Getting and staying fit can be a challenge for great lot of people. For many of us, it’s hard just to get up off the couch. And then the physical strain of rigorous exercises? The thought of having a go…Read more

Want Summertime Fine Abs? They Are Made In The Kitchen

To reduce excess fat covering your six-pack (yes, you too have a six-pack) mostly requires change in diet supplemented by sleep and exercise. Here are a few tips to get you started: Nutrition Carb Cycling– healthy carbs, like whole wheat…Read more

Health Tip: 6 Reasons You Should Give Up Meat For A Day

Ideally, three quarters of our plate should be filled with fruits and plants. But these days, vegetables take a backseat to meat. The average American eats almost 300 lbs of meat a year! When meat is the center of the…Read more

5 Protein Shake Rules You Should Always Follow

Your pre-or-post-workout protein shake may taste great, but if you’re not careful, it could actually undo your efforts to lose weight and be healthy. For people who don’t have time to get their protein intake through food or want a quick…Read more