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How To Be The Best Dressed Man At Any Holiday Party

  Now that we’re in the thick of the holiday season, you’re bound to be invited to a holiday party of some sort: the professional office party, the casual family get-together, the social “holidate.” How’s a guy supposed to dress…Read more

Relations: Aromatherapy Can Improve Your Sex Life

The sense of smell is all powerful in being able to shift the emotions and consciousness of living beings. Certain scents can make you hungry or cause you to become nostalgic, thinking of a memory associated with the observed smell….Read more

Dangerous Bathroom Products to Throw Away Now

  Most bathrooms are chock full of products: things for your body, things for your face, things to clean with, etc. Unfortunately, some of the ingredients that typically appear in the some of the products we use daily — such…Read more

Foods And Herbs For Healthy Hair Growth

  Hair loss is a dreaded topic to most. Although it is largely genetic, hair loss is also affected by mineral deficiencies, stress, medications, thyroid issues and hormonal imbalances. Around one third of the general population suffers from hair loss,…Read more

Dangers You Should Know About High Heels

  The health dangers…of high heels? Millions of women wear high heels almost every day.  But what most don’t know is that they’re routinely putting themselves at risk of permanent physiological damage to their knees, hips, back and tendons. Yeah,…Read more

Who’s More On Top Of Their Fitness Game? Men or Women

  According to a new study published in the online journal Preventive Medicine, American women are less likely than men to get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Current recommendations call for adults to get at least 30…Read more